Friday, March 6, 2015

Betty and Veronica Cake

I was really proud of this cake for the most part because my sister (whom the cake was for) said she didn't think I could make a Betty and Veronica cake. So she was wanting to order one from a lady in London that my other sister had previously ordered an Archie cake. Well, just to prove her wrong, (ha), I made this cake.
It is far from perfect, but far better than she thought! LOL.Here's my secret.....

Once I discovered the art of frozen buttercream transferring I feel like a whole new creative world has opened up for me!!! They didn't teach this technique in the Wilton classes that I took years ago. They tried teaching us transfer methods that in no way compared to the results that this has. Anyway to start out get a coloring book page, picture, or image offline of what you want. I printed out this picture off a google search.
Tape it to the back of a piece of glass facing you. I used a picture frame glass. Then tape wax paper on top the glass.
Start tracing your picture with black icing. Everything needs traced.
I know this looks creepy...but start piping in the colors. You got to keep in mind that what you see will be facing the cake...not you. For instance, you can't see the black pupils of their eyes because I started with it first then layered the white on top of that. Everything has to be filled in with icing. I just use a medium round tip for the piping.
Now you're looking at this and saying, boy she really messed this one up. LOL. I actually think this is what my sister expected from me.Ha! But this is going face DOWN on the cake.
If you lift up the glass at this point you will see what will be facing up. It is good to look for any gaps in icing from this angle every now and then. Now all you need to do is put this, glass and all, in the freezer until it is hardened. I like to do this the day before I actually do the cake....but I'd say an hour in the freezer would probably be enough time. Then just lay the glass on top of your frosted cake and peel the tape of carefully and quickly. Then take the glass off and peel the wax paper off the cake. It will be kinda thick so I pipe icing around the image to trim it out.
To get the little designs on the white buttercream I used a papertowel to smooth out my icing after it had crusted (before adding the picture). To make the letters I pressed scrapbook letters into the icing to give me an indention and then I pulled them off and filled it in with icing. I wanted to add Happy 30th birthday on the cake but couldn't figure out where to put it exactly, until my daughter suggested adding speech bubbles just like the comics! Genius!
So I hope you had a wonderful 30th birthday Melissa! I had lots of fun at the Derby Dinner Playhouse!
And I hope you were as impressed with my attempt at your Betty and Veronica cake as I was, LOL!

LEGO Party

In October my baby boy turned 6....don't know how that is possible...but he did. He has gotten into Legos some so I attempted to make Lego cakes. I used cupcakes for the little nubbies on a small square cake and then just piped on the word LEGO onto the top of the cupcakes.

 Frosting those things was a slight nightmare! Fondant would have been easier and looked nicer....but 6 year old little boys don't eat fondant (neither do I)!
I tried a pinterest trick of melting the icing and pouring it on for the red one and it worked but became hard as plastic once dried, ha. I'd rather make the LEGO man a million times over... I think. The yellow square I just frosted and smoothed, frosted and smoothed...repeat. Trying to frost an entire cupcake is VERY hard.
Or maybe I'm just not doing it right.....
We were planning an outdoor party at a park, but the weather did not cooperate so I had to come up with last minute decor. So my SIL who has a million LEGOS helped me out.
I used the LEGO green mat and used some blue legos to make a number 6 and propped it up on an art easel. And for the plates, I bought square yellow plates and made a LEGO face on each of them with a
magic marker (Plz don't tell me that will poison the kids, they are all still alive, lol).

 And for favors I bought the sweet tart LEGO candy from Candy Craze and put a few in some little plastic bags I had from scrapbooking and printed a label out using a free LEGO font I found online. I put all those in a plastic pencil case and printed a label that said thanks for coming.

For entertainment I poured out the million LEGO pieces my SIL brought and let the kiddos go to town....
actually the adults were building too, Ha!
I thought it turned out pretty well, considering I started with NO decor just like a day before!
This was a simple and inexpensive LEGO party but was a perfect little day for a perfect little guy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thomas The Train Birthday cake

This Thomas cake was pretty easy to do as long as you do it like I Here is a link to show you how to do the frozen buttercream technique. It doesn't take an artist or a creative baker to pull it off....however when you present this cake everyone will think you are!!!!

Take an image either printed from your computer or from a coloring book and place and tape it
behind a glass (I used a picture frame glass). Then tape wax paper on top the glass.

Then using buttercream icing trace every line of the image onto the wax paper.
Then color in the image with icing. This is what the "back side"
that goes onto the cake will look like when your done.
Below is a picture of the other side.
Freeze the glass and image until hard. I usually let it 
stay in the freezer over night. However, it doesn't take
that long to harden.

After it has frozen, lay the image, glass and all, on top your iced cake. Take the glass
off then slowly peel the wax paper off your image. All this needs to be done before the icing starts to thaw.
Then decorate the edges of your cake and your done! So Easy!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Race Car Track Birthday Cake

My first cake with a tunnel. Ha!
My friend Jessica requested this cake from Family Fun magazine for her sons birthday. I ended up doing my own version but still thought it turned out cute and fun. Who said you cant play with your food? Ha!
I cut the cake in half and cut a cereal box to fit and covered it in freezer paper. I drew black squares for inside the tunnel. I then frosted and decorated the cake including the top of the cardboard tunnel.

Monday, June 23, 2014

16th birthday cake

I'm trying out my new phone blogger phone app. I decorated this cake yesterday for our pastor's daughter's surprise 16th birthday party. A friend baked the cake and made the icing since I was gone all week and would only have a couple hours available between services to decorate it. So that helped me out quite a bit. Decorating is the fun part anyway. Ha!
I bought the wooden numbers from the craft section at walmart and hot glued sucker sticks on the back to get it to stand up on the cake.
I painted the numbers then let them dry and used a pencil with an eraser to dab the polka dots on in the opposite color.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Basement Renovations

We are in the process of starting to finish our room at a time.
We decided to start with a bedroom addition first. Actually this before picture
is actually 3 studded walls after we began. We originally had one support studded wall that 
goes the length of our basement. So here's the finish.... (well almost finished as there's always stuff still that needs to be done..paint the doors, add on a walk-in closet, etc) But here it is!!!!
Here's a peek.
Soo much better than concrete walls!!!!

We Love It!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Cake Update

Cowboy boot cake
I'm just gonna act like it hasn't been six months since I've posted and go on from here. :) ok?
Here's a few cakes I've done lately Hope you like them!

Policeman cake

Shabby Chic Cake

Lingerie cake for a personal bridal shower

Another shabby chic cake

 A Bible cake (The black is actually chocolate icing so there wasn't an overwhelming black taste)

 And last but not least....a Red Velvet cake with a cheese cake filling with homemade
cream cheese icing. Delish!