Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thomas The Train Birthday cake

This Thomas cake was pretty easy to do as long as you do it like I did.lol. Here is a link to show you how to do the frozen buttercream technique. It doesn't take an artist or a creative baker to pull it off....however when you present this cake everyone will think you are!!!! www.brasstacksandbasics.com/2011/08/super-fancy-cake-decorating-tutorial.html

Take an image either printed from your computer or from a coloring book and place and tape it
behind a glass (I used a picture frame glass). Then tape wax paper on top the glass.

Then using buttercream icing trace every line of the image onto the wax paper.
Then color in the image with icing. This is what the "back side"
that goes onto the cake will look like when your done.
Below is a picture of the other side.
Freeze the glass and image until hard. I usually let it 
stay in the freezer over night. However, it doesn't take
that long to harden.

After it has frozen, lay the image, glass and all, on top your iced cake. Take the glass
off then slowly peel the wax paper off your image. All this needs to be done before the icing starts to thaw.
Then decorate the edges of your cake and your done! So Easy!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Race Car Track Birthday Cake

My first cake with a tunnel. Ha!
My friend Jessica requested this cake from Family Fun magazine for her sons birthday. I ended up doing my own version but still thought it turned out cute and fun. Who said you cant play with your food? Ha!
I cut the cake in half and cut a cereal box to fit and covered it in freezer paper. I drew black squares for inside the tunnel. I then frosted and decorated the cake including the top of the cardboard tunnel.

Monday, June 23, 2014

16th birthday cake

I'm trying out my new phone blogger phone app. I decorated this cake yesterday for our pastor's daughter's surprise 16th birthday party. A friend baked the cake and made the icing since I was gone all week and would only have a couple hours available between services to decorate it. So that helped me out quite a bit. Decorating is the fun part anyway. Ha!
I bought the wooden numbers from the craft section at walmart and hot glued sucker sticks on the back to get it to stand up on the cake.
I painted the numbers then let them dry and used a pencil with an eraser to dab the polka dots on in the opposite color.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Basement Renovations

We are in the process of starting to finish our basement...one room at a time.
We decided to start with a bedroom addition first. Actually this before picture
is actually 3 studded walls after we began. We originally had one support studded wall that 
goes the length of our basement. So here's the finish.... (well almost finished as there's always stuff still that needs to be done..paint the doors, add on a walk-in closet, etc) But here it is!!!!
Here's a peek.
Soo much better than concrete walls!!!!

We Love It!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Cake Update

Cowboy boot cake
I'm just gonna act like it hasn't been six months since I've posted and go on from here. :) ok?
Here's a few cakes I've done lately Hope you like them!

Policeman cake

Shabby Chic Cake

Lingerie cake for a personal bridal shower

Another shabby chic cake

 A Bible cake (The black is actually chocolate icing so there wasn't an overwhelming black taste)

 And last but not least....a Red Velvet cake with a cheese cake filling with homemade
cream cheese icing. Delish!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Angel Food Pan for Corn Cutting!

I LOVE me some fresh corn ya'll! And I have 4 wonderful little shuckers that do all the hot and sweaty work...so I don't mind running down to the nice Amish Folk near us and grabbing some bushels full!
There are sooo many ways to put up corn and I've posted HERE before about how I do it. Well, each year I find ways to help me in small ways to make it go a little smoother. And this year, I came across an idea while online searching out fresh corn ideas. Use an angel food cake pan to hold the cob above the pan while cutting off the kernels!!!! And I love it! I mean I had kiddos BEGGING me to let them do all the work! Ha! Now you can't beat that.
Although it did help that I finally broke down and bought the Pampered Chef Corn Cutter this year. (BTW: Absolutely a MUST HAVE). It is sooo much safer than a knife...especially when I have so many miniature helpers!
This was the grueling and dangerous BEFORE method. I didn't let my kiddos help much with that. Plus the benefit of using the angel food pan is that you're not fighting the sides of the bowl the whole time. My wrist would actually hurt sometimes from pressing down on the sides of the bowl. The only downside of using the angel food pan is that if you go really fast some kernels don't make it into the pan. But at a steady smooth pace it worked FANTASTIC! I only put up a bushel and a half but am thinking of going back for more. I've got some green beans to put up today....trying to figure that out now!
Happy Corn Cutting ya'll!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Little R & R

We are back from the most relaxing vacation a person can have! Yes, this is an actual picture from our vacation. But no, Louis L'Amour was not my reading of choice....hubby's. However, I did read one entire book sitting on the beach. It was almost 400 pages! How relaxing!!!
I mean the kids were busy playing in the sand....hubby was listening to his tunes....so I kicked back to read.....it was that way for 7 DAYS!
Well, one day it did rain, so we did an Imax and Museum....but seriously we just chilled the entire time.
Mr. Ivanhoe came to see us almost everyday. It was as though we were sitting on his nest or something and he was waiting for us to leave. This picture cracks me up as it looks like he's 10 stories tall.
 We had lots of bird visitors. They were alot of fun to feed bread. There would be one lonely bird walk by and we'd toss him a piece of bread and all of a sudden.......

he would send out a silent message to ALL of his friends. They would be there almost instantly. I have no idea where they would come from except they were there in 1 second flat! LOL.

And of course there was lots of SEAFOOD! We are seafood fanatics.....especially FRESH seafood! We went to a local Fresh Seafood Market and picked out what we wanted from the display and we could take it back to the condo and fry them up ourselves or let them fry it up for us.....I chose to let them do the cooking! We ordered 1 lb of Fried Trigger Fish and 1 1/2 fried shrimp and 1/2 pound grilled shrimp (didn't get a pic). It was pricey (of course) I think it was around $40 for 3 pounds of fish. Yeah, crazy expensive. But we were stuffed. We got so tired of going to seafood restaurants and leaving hungry that we splurged on this quite a bit! However, it didn't come with any sides or drinks so we made do with potato chips as our side. LOL. I did cook some at the condo, but nothing gourmet by any means. We ate light during the day and went out for dinner in the evening. 90% of the time it was at a seafood place. One night we did go to a nearby Lamberts "Home of the Throw Roll" Cafe. 
We had a great time, but as always it is good to be back home. Hopefully, I will be able to post a little more often. I have some recipes I'd like to post one of these days. We only have 7 more days of school!!!!! The girls are working hard getting all their schoolwork done. They see the end in sight and are getting their second wind I think, because I don't hear so much complaining!!!  :)