Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tiger Butter - 3 ingredient candy

I did a post a while back on a few 3-ingredient desserts. Well, I'd like to add another to your arsenal. I found this recipe over at It came in very handy during the holidays. I whipped up a batch for Sunday School Teacher gifts and for some friends. It is Vonderful!! And one of the easiest desserts I've ever made.
Melt a whole package of White Almond Bark according to package directions in the microwave.
Add half a cup of peanut butter. You can use crunchy if you want....I didn't. (BTW I just love my new Pampered Chef measuring cup! It's the BOMB for getting Peanut butter out!)
Mix the warmed up white almond bark with peanut butter. It just takes a minute to get it all combined.
Line a 10x15 (or jelly roll pan...large rimmed cookie sheet) pan with wax paper letting the paper hang over the edges of the pan. Don't forget the wax paper!
Then pour out the peanut butter mixture onto the waxed paper and spread out evenly.
Like so.
Then melt 1 cup of chocolate chips...semi sweet or milk chocolate or dark or whichever you like. It is a bit more thicker than the almond bark when it's melted. But no need to add anything to it.
Just take your spoon and started drizzling it on there. Drizzle being a relative term. As it kinda gets a little gloppy sometimes. But it really doesn't matter just get it on there a little at a time.
Until it is all scattered all over.
Then run a butter knife all through it to make the chocolate swirl. I did it a few times all over in different directions. It was kinda fun....LOL. I then placed it in the freezer for about 15 minutes or so until it was all hardened.
Then just start breaking it into pieces.
I tried to get each piece about 2 inches or so big. I was really impressed with the taste of this ever so simple dessert/candy. To me it taste like peanut butter fudge. But oh so much easier!
I boxed up a handful in little tins and gave them out as gifts. They would make a great Valentine's Day goody for your sweetie! (If they aren't dieting, of course.) Keep this little easy candy recipe in mind the next time you need a quick little gift!
Tiger's Butter
1 bag of White Almond Bark
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 cup chocolate chips
Melt Almond Bark per bag directions
Add peanut butter til combined with bark
Spread on 10x15 lined with wax paper
Melt chocolate chips and drizzle over pb mixter
Run a knife through  mixture to make swirly
Put in freezer until hardened.
Break into pieces!


  1. This is definitely my kind of recipe! May just have to try! You need to stop by my blog and comment. I have a give away that ends today :-)

  2. I might be able to pull that one off. I ruined my last batch of no bake cookies.

  3. This stuff was good, y'all. I was one of those very blessed Sunday School teachers!