Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Walden Farms Review of 0 Calorie Food!

It all started with this ad in my Weight Watchers Magazine! I am a very non-skeptical person when it comes to food. I'll try anything and expect to like it. LOL. Anyways, my hubby is always the skeptic on "too good to be true deals". But I had already ordered 8 bottles before I revealed my 0 Calorie discoveries to him! :) There was a coupon in the back of the magazine for B1G1 Free up to 10 bottles.
 Here's the deal site:

And today my box of goodies arrived!!!! Can you believe this box is full of 0 calorie foods? I mean it weighs 12 pounds! LOL.

And here they are!!! My 8 bottles of 0 points, 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 sugar, 0 carbs, 0 everything.

Here are the 3 "dressings" I ordered. Ranch, Pancake Syrup, and Chipotle Ranch.

And these are the other 5 miscellaneous things that I chose out of tons of choices. It was hard deciding on just 8. After all I was only paying for 4. They are $5 each bottle on the site. However, they are in some groceries stores for cheaper. And I even found them on in cases (of the same product). The shipping at Walden Farms is $8.99 so I wanted my order to be worth paying that much shipping. So I payed $2.50 a bottle + the shipping.

Here is a little flyer they sent with my package. This is only a handful of what all they offer.

Check out that label!!! I mean Peanut Butter with 0 calories and 0 Fat? .....though I might add 0 peanuts....although it says "contains peanuts"'s not in the ingredients. I suppose they are counting the peanut extract for those with allergies. 
 Okay, I know by now you all are wanting to know how all this stuff taste right? Well, I knew you would as I couldn't wait myself to try it all out. So I did a little taste test of everything. Although I read reviews that warned "Do not eat right out of the jar". LOL. So I made a PBJ with the Walden's Peanut Spread and Grape Spread.

Okay so here goes................a 2 pt PBJ sandwich (only the bread counts for points)
Walden Farms Peanut Spread

Walden Farms Grape Spread
Seriously guys, I took two bites and I couldn't eat the rest. Now this is coming from someone who will eat just about anything fat free. But even for only 2 pts I couldn't do it!!!!! The jelly is the most disgusting thing ever. The consistency reminds me of canned cranberry sauce. But the taste was like eating really sweet hair gel. I am a trooper though. I mean I spent over $20 on this box so I must try on......

I decided to dip apple slices into the Peanut Spread. It's okay, I guess. It has the consistency of mayonaise.
I will probably find another way to use the peanut spread somehow. I'd love to find a recipe to hide it in. I saw some ideas of baking with it....I'll try to keep ya posted on that. Okay...NEXT.

Walden Farms Caramel Dip and Walden Farms Chocolate Dip
 So after the PBJ disaster, I'm now a little skeptic. I had such high hopes for the PBJ. I had even told my hubby of all that I ordered I was the most excited about the PBJ cause I really miss my PBJ while on WW. Wow, that sounded whiney, didn't it? LOL. So I opened the the two dips.

They both have this weird consistency thing going on. They both look and feel like a pudding. The caramel was not 'sticky' like normal caramel. The chocolate was like chocolate pudding that had not quite set up yet.

Okay so here goes the's not like any caramel I've had before. But there is definitely a caramel taste there. The taste isn't bad. But I keep expecting that stickiness of caramel, but it never comes. It just kinda dissolves in my mouth. But it really does "taste" like caramel. So I'd think this would taste o.k. in like a milkshake or over ice cream.

The chocolate dip is really chocolatey. It has a strong cocoa flavor. The consistency again is kinda like a not set up pudding. Not too bad though. It'd be good for one of those chocolate fixes that you need every now and then but won't cost a point! The picture on the jar is a bit deceptive, I think. Because I really doubt that it hardens on anything. And the picture has it on a strawberry as though it's hardened. And that is really what persuaded me to buy it.

Walden Farms Chipolte Ranch and Walden Farms Ranch Dressing
Okay so now on to the dressings! 

 The Chipolte Ranch is pretty good. It is really spicy. Alot more than I was expecting. Big Flavor on this one.
I wouldn't put this on a salad, but it would be good on anything Mexican and I think I'd put it on a chicken sandwich or hamburger. 

The Ranch dressing is good, too. So yay for the RANCHes.

Walden Farms Pancake Syrup
Okay now I didn't make pancakes to try this out, but I still wanted a little taste. BTW, I love maple syrup so I'm definitely hoping for a winner here.

Yay! It's good!!!! It really compares to the LITE syrup I already use, so definitely a winner here!

Walden Farms Amazin' Mayo
I was kinda scared to try this. I mean Mayo is a big deal ya know. I guess I shouldn't have tried the PBJ first because it made me skeptic about everything after that. I should have started with the Ranch. LOL

I didn't know exactly what to try it with. As I wasn't going to waste more points on bread and lunch meat if this was gonna be gross. So I grabbed a little cracker. But the cracker had so much flavor I ended up having to just dip my finger. Yeah I know, I would never eat Mayo with my finger, but I just needed to know. But amazingly it wasn't bad (I guess that's why they call it Amazin' Mayo). It does say it's sweet and tangy and I could taste that. Again the consistency is on the thin side. But I think the main ingredient in most their products is water so it goes to figure everything is thin. 
And BTW, all this has to be refrigerated once opened. Soooo I had to dedicate one whole shelf to Walden Farms. My overall review is: Don't invest alot of money at first. Don't buy a case of one thing you've not tried before. Don't get the grape spread. And if anyone would like to try my stuff you are welcome to try it. There is some splenda in some of the items. Would I buy again? Probably not from their website because of the shipping. However, if I saw the syrup or Ranch on the grocery store shelf I would buy them again. But I don't think I would buy the caramel or chocolate dip. I've heard the chocolate and caramel syrups are good though. I had never heard of these people before even though they've been in business since like 1972. I may have ran across and ad before but didn't give it much thought. So now I know, and now you know too. LOL. PBJ anyone?


  1. I'm not much help on the jelly, but this peanut butter is not bad at all: It comes in a powder and you mix it as you use it. 2 tablespoons is only 1 point (not zero, but still not bad!)

  2. I can't describe to you how my heart felt when I seen that thick pbj sandwich. I seriously almost felt like.crying and shouting Hallelujah at the same time. I just knew u were gonna say it was.good and I was gonna buy the whole case. I couldn't take the other items seriously after.that. I use 5 pts almost daily for breakfast for toast, 1 tbs pb and sliced banana. :( lol

  3. That's the whole it, gag....throw calories! This warning is probably in the little bitty fine print somewhere on those jars. Warning: Breath may smell like sweet hair gel after consuming! Lol you are skinny enough lady! Get that Jiff jar back out!

  4. what, you are that worried about losing weight. Shew, I needto losea good 10 lbs but I an not this desperate - thus why I still need to lose weight, Ha! But you... you're as thin as a rail, what on earth???? Oh well, fat free ranch does sound apetizing though, cause everytime I eat a salad I think to myself how I cuold be eating a whopper and have less calories. ha